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The word “curuhuinsi” means leaf cutter ant. The leaves they cut and take back to their nest provide food for their entire tribe. Curuhuinsi Lodge started in 2000 as a way to create jobs and support the native Cocama people of Puerto Miguel village deep in the Amazon jungle in Peru. Through these Amazon jungle tours, our guests have helped provide access to education, medicine and jobs for the local village.

The founder, Gerson Pizango, has a military background and grew up in the Amazon jungle. It is because of this, Curuhuinsi Lodge tours can take you deep into the Amazon rainforest for an immersive experience you will never forget.

Gerson Pizango

Gerson Pizango

Founder and CEO

Gerson Pizango became a jungle scout, running tours in the Amazon rainforest, after completing his military service. Ultimately, he started Curuhuinsi Lodge to help support his village.
Growing up in the Amazon jungle he learnt a lot of valuable skills. He is best known for his fun, personalized tours and extensive knowledge of the area. And on top of that, he is an excellent caiman catcher!

Iโ€™ve been on many tours and this is easily the best one of all my life. The lodge is located in an absolutely beautiful place. The guide is incredible and his family is so kind and helpful. I felt at home very quickly. If you want to see the Amazon, go to this lodge, you will not be disappointed.

– Alex T

Amazon jungle tour highlight - hold a sloth

What to Expect on our Tours .


See Macaws, Toucans and other exotic birds


See poison dart frogs


Hold a sloth


Get up close to monkeys


See the largest aquatic plant

Our Awards

Curuhuinsi Lodge recieved a Traveler's Choice Awards 2023 on Trip Advisor

Curuhuinsi Lodge has recieved multiple awards from Trip Advisor since it’s establishment in 2000. Check out our reviews at Trip Advisor to see what people have to say.

Curuhuinsi Lodge jungle scouts are internationally recognized.

In 2010, we were excited to be a winner of an international tourism competition as the Best Local Guide and one of the Most Reputable Independent Guides in the Peruvian Amazon by LeapLocal.org (note:Leap Local is no longer running). Judges on the panel were from Universities, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, The Guardian and a host of other tourism organizations and newspapers.

Curuhuinsi Lodge is recognized as one of the top guides at soguide

Curuhuinsi Lodge founder, Gerson Pizango, is featured as a top guide on the French website soguide.com. Click here to read the full profile (in French).

Our Amazon jungle scouts are internationally recognized.

Iquitos Times article way back in 2010, when we a won an international tourism competition for the Best Local Guide and one of the Most Reputable Independent Guides in the Peruvian Amazon by LeapLocal.org.

Curuhuinsi Lodge is internationally renowned for it's services.

“The Travelmyth Awards & Badges are in effect special shout-outs to the hotels that have topped the rankings in specific destinations.” Curuhuinsi Lodge made it into the Eco-friendly division. Click here to see our listing.

Curuhuinsi Lodge is rated Excellent by our guests on Trip Advisor

Curuhuinsi Lodge is rated Excellent by our guests on Trip Advisor.

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