Hi! I’m Gerson Pizango, CEO and founder of Curuhuinsi Lodge.

I became a jungle scout, running tours in the Amazon rainforest, after completing my military service in 2000.

I started Curuhuinsi Lodge to help support my village. Growing up in the Amazon jungle taught me many skills that helped me in life and in my jungle tours. I’m best known for the highly personalized tours that I run based on individual client interests. In 2010, I was humbled to be a winner of an international tourism competition as the Best Local Guide and one of the Most Reputable Independent Guides in the Peruvian Amazon by LeapLocal.org (note: Leap Local is no longer running). Judges on the panel were from Universities, Lonely Planet, National Geographic, The Guardian and a host of other tourism organizations and newspapers. I realized after that, I could really make something to support my village and share with the global community. It completely changed my life.

Establishing Curuhuinsi Lodge has given us the chance to meet amazing people from all over the world;

a team of doctors on the tail-end of a tropical medicine program, New Yorkers travelling with their kids, and so many fun-loving backpackers from all walks of life. Our community has grown thanks to the shared interests of all our clients and we are truly grateful.

During the pandemic, our clients helped support us when we were having a really hard time; there were no funds to provide medicine or food for the village. Now, as we rebuild and the Peruvian borders start to open up, we can’t wait to share the fun adventures of the rainforest with you.

Curuhuinsi is a small enterprise but our facilities are beautiful. Curuhuinsi Lodge employs people from the local village as drivers, guides, cooks, cleaning and maintenance staff. I am the main guide for the tours with the support of an excellent team of other local guides in the area. When you contact us, you deal directly with our business and not with a reseller agency which helps our community benefit from eco-tourism. Please make your reservations in advance to lock in your stay in the Amazon rainforest with us.

For more information about Curuhuinsi Lodge, a.k.a. Best Tour in the Amazon;) please check out our reviews on TripAdvisor.